Social centres over!

No events upcoming…

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  1. Rebecca


    We are looking for somewhere to run some theatre workshops in the New Year and for rehearsal space over the next month. Would be great to be able to do it at your centre.

    Let me know if that’s a possibility.

    We could offer some open workshops in exchange if that helps.

    Let me know.



    1. yourinfiltrator

      It would be brilliant if you could come down and talk to us in person about your needs and what you can offer back to the community. Let us know your availability or just head down during any of our opening times that are available on the website..

  2. Ian Townson

    Gave a talk recently at the ‘Made Possible by squatting’ space on the squatted gay community in 1970s Brixton courtesy of Tara Brag. Wouldn’t mind doing a French course. Did French at school about 45 years ago so could probably manage an intermediate course. See if I can spare time to help out in whatever way I can.

    Best wishes,

    Ian T

    1. 195 Post author

      That’s great Ian,

      looking forward to meeting you here.

      Would you like to do your squatting talk during the free school? on Thursday there will be a housing / squatting themed day, and Friday has queer / feminist theme – are you free on either day?

  3. U. Monad

    Great to see you all so organized so fast ! But please, please put the actual date like Fri Nov 8th 11:30 pm on each of the blogs at top of each announcement as just saying ‘today’ does not help me knowing if it is today friday or written on friday for Sat ? Anyway the actual date & time would help. hope to visit soon !

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  5. Salva

    We could also run a talk on “guide to optimal health in urban environments”: from how to choose water, food, hygiene products and exercise to how to minimize environmental risk factors such as pollution and others.


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