52B Well Street evicted last week

A delayed update!

Last week we were evicted by High Court bailiffs after loosing court on the 30th January 2014. We made various attempts to contact the owners and negotiate an appropriate leaving date, to coincide with work commencing on the building, but the developers had no interest in speaking with us. The papers for court which inevitably led to our eviction was the only sign the owners gave us that they wanted us to leave. All too typical for squatting.

Additionally to the eviction of 52B (including 1 Shore Place, the living space for part of the crew, which included the popular anarcha-corridoor), an elderly lady who had been asked to leave by March 2014 was prematurely evicted, while the final pair of tenants in 52D narrowly avoided eviction, but are still due to leave on 15th February 2014.

None the less, a big thank you to all who supported the social centre over it´s short existance. We are no longer continuing as a social centre collective, instead we have gone our seperate ways, but it was fun while it lasted.

Long live social centres!

People’s Kitchen & Screening (7PM Thursday 30 January)

heart vegetablesAs usual, we invite you to the Social Centre for People’s Kitchen, our weekly evening where you can savour delicious vegan food cooked with love. Hot drinks and cozy chats available as always.

Today you will also be able to attend a special exhibition by two talented street artists, KAES and CORE.

As with our Thursday’s evenings, we will be hosting a film screening. Tonight’s feature is a 1980′s documentary on street art.

Dinner, the exhibition and screening are all Free.

Donations are always welcome to support the running of the space as well as the artists exhibiting this evening.

See you tonight!

52B FreeShop, Week 1Thursday the 16th of January marks our official open day for Social Centre activities. We will open our doors from 3pm. You are welcome to come over and browse through the Free Shop as well as hang out. We are still looking for more items for the Free Shop, so if you have anything you would like to donate please feel free to bring it along! You are always welcome to take what you need, even if you haven’t brought anything with you. That’s what a Free Shop is about! We also house a Book Exchange with a selection of interesting fiction and non-fiction titles.

In the evening, from 7PM, we will host the weekly People’s Kitchen which happens every Thursday at the same time. Come and eat delicious vegan food that’s cooked with love on a free/donation basis. This is a community effort and we welcome all efforts to source ingredients, cook and clean up afterwards.

We will be showing a film from 8PM as part of our weekly film screening. You will be happy to know that we have created a dedicated screening room with lots of comfy seats.

We invite you all whether you are here to browse the free shop, eat, socialise, enjoy the film, or all of these!